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Reviews of Sony KDL-55X4500 have collected 21 expert reviews of the Sony KDL-55X4500 and the average rating is 83%. Scroll down and see all reviews for Sony KDL-55X4500.
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  Published: 2010-01-11, review by:

  • Abstract:  At the time of testing, this TV was as good as LCDs got. With enormous contrast, the KDL-55 X 4500 does away with the technology’s — until now — biggest flaw. But it’s not all rosy: To reach true perfection, the..

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  Published: 2010-03-05, review by:

  • Great HD pictures, Decent SD too, RGB LEDs
  • Price

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  Published: 2009-07-31, review by:

  • Capable of excellent picture quality; well-connected; fairly attractive; far cheaper than other LED-backlit TVs with RGB dimming
  • Very expensive compared to Samsung's latest LED sets; needs careful calibration; uses last year's Bravia Engine 2 video-processing system; colours occasionally look slightly unnatural
  • Sony has aimed high with the Bravia KDL-46X4500, its debut LED-backlit LCD TV. In many ways, its efforts have paid off handsomely, and the TV is certainly capable of producing some stunning pictures. It's not quite perfect, however, and that's enough ...

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  Published: 2009-05-20, review by:

  • If you like LCD technology you will love the 46X4500 and if you are a dyed in the wool plasma enthusiast this TV will challenge some of your LCD preconceptions. The only real drawback is the price ...Sony KDL-46X4500 ...

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  Published: 2009-02-16, review by:

  • Abstract:  But the real story of the 55X4500 is of a TV that both cements LED as the hottest TV technology in town right now, and finally introduces a contender for Pioneer at the head of the flat TV table.

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  Published: 2009-02-04, Author: John , review by:

  • Abstract:  For a succinct snapshot of just how extreme Sony's latest TV range is, you only have to compare the entry-level KDL-37V4000 reviewed a few days ago with today's KDL-55X4500. For these two LCD TVs exist a whole £3,000 apart - a difference that's sure as he...

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  Published: 2008-12-03, review by:

  • Abstract:  This model is the 55 version of the 46 TV that we tested in our labs, the Sony Bravia KDL-46X4500. Everything we said in the original article holds true--the only thing thats different is the size!The components, both physical and electronic, are...

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  Published: 2009-01-16, Author: Philip , review by:

  • Overall sharp and clean pictures; plasma-like blacks; tight bass and crisp treble; onboard JPEG/MP3 playback via USB and network; four 1080p24-ready HDMIs; RF-based remote control; unique and customizable design.
  • Extremely pricey; no remote backlighting; no DivX playback; chassis a bit on the thick side.
  • This Sony flagship Bravia LCD TV is simply brilliant in most areas, particularly in deep blacks, but is slapped with sky-high pricing and outgunned in this aspect by the Samsung Series 9.

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  Published: 2009-06-03, review by:

  • Rétro-éclairage LED RVB, dynamique des couleurs, traitement des dégradés colorimétrique, contrastes élevés, certification DLNA + port USB + DMP.
  • Prix encore élevé (2 500 euros), port USB et réseau non compatibles avec les formats vidéo.
  • Dans la série des téléviseurs X4500, les modèles de 46 et 55 pouces de Sony sont équipés dun système de rétro-éclairage LED RVB (ce qui nest pas le cas du 40 pouces)...

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  Published: 2009-01-28, review by:

  • Abstract:  C’est le haut de gamme en matière de TV LCD chez Sony, la série X4500 propose un affichage LCD à rétro éclairage LED, une caractéristique qui manquait jusqu’alors chez le constructeur japonais alors que les concurrents proposent tous des modèles en LE...

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