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Projection TV Buyer’s Guide

One of the advantages of projection TVs over traditional CRT TVs is that they can provide a bigger picture. Although the technology behind the two systems is very similar, the main difference is that projection TVs create a small picture, like a CRT TV, and then using a beam of light project the image to a much greater size.

In this expert guide the different types of projection TVs are explained as well as the features you can expect from the projection TVs within the various price ranges.

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Samsung HL-N617W

Last published: 2005-01-01
4 Reviews

Hisense H100LDA

Last published: 2018-09-24
4 Reviews

Sagem HD-D56B

Last published: 2005-08-01
4 Reviews

Mitsubishi L65-A90

Last published: 2008-10-09
6 Reviews

HP MD6580n

Last published: 2005-10-01
2 Reviews

Sony KDS-60A2000

Last published: 2006-08-03
4 Reviews

Samsung HL-S5087W

Last published: 2008-11-17
1 Reviews

Sagem HD-D45

Last published: 2005-03-01
5 Reviews

Sony KDS-R60XBR2

Last published: 2006-11-13
2 Reviews

Mitsubishi WS-55711

Last published: 2005-01-01
1 Reviews

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