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Reviews of HTC 7 Trophy / Spark / T8686 have collected 97 expert reviews of the HTC 7 Trophy / Spark / T8686 and the average rating is 72%. Scroll down and see all reviews for HTC 7 Trophy / Spark / T8686.
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The editors liked

  • Good multimedia capabilities
  • Responsive touchscreen
  • Easy to use. Feels solid. Good voice performance.
  • Compact design with soft-touch back
  • Inviting interface
  • Netflix support
  • Good touch keyboard
  • Solid first Windows Phone 7 smartphone for Verizon. World phone with GSM roaming. Great gaming and multimedia
  • What's ho
  • Fast processor
  • Fresh UI
  • Nicely sized screen
  • Great size and build
  • Clear 3.8inch display
  • Good all-around performerExcellent build qualityWP7 OS handles the basics with style
  • The HTC Trophy features a compact design and world roaming capabilities. Windows Phone offers an easy-to-use interface
  • As well as good integration with Zune and Office
  • It’s a world phone
  • Responsive platform experience
  • Good calling quality
  • Wellbalanced performance
  • Highquality construction

The editors didn't like

  • Network speeds are inconsistent
  • Hardware is a bit dated
  • Poor camera. Battery life could be better.
  • Lacks multitasking (for now)
  • Not as many apps as iOS or Android
  • Can't use as mobile hotspot
  • Usual Windows Phone 7 issues to be addressed in OS 7.5 Mango (no multi-tasking
  • Etc.)
  • Usual Windows Phone 7 issues to be addressed
  • No microSD card slot
  • Fiddly/slow camera
  • No task manager
  • A little too much like the other WP7 phones to really stand out
  • Average camera is poor in low lightSpeaker is easily muffledWP7 OS still immature
  • Camera quality is disappointing. Battery life could be better
  • Same exact model as before
  • Still pricey at $150
  • Camera is nothing spectacular
  • No DLNA

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  Published: 2010-11-16, review by:

  • Goodquality screen, Excellent sound quality
  • No backwards compatibility for apps, 8GB of internal stoage is not expandable, SharePoint Server 2010 required for optimum mobile data access
  • The HTC 7 Trophy represents good value for money if you want to give Windows Phone 7 a try. However, if you don't have support at the corporate level you may find you need to move some existing services (contacts and calendar) to the cloud for synchron

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  Published: 2010-11-12, review by:

  • Well designed; good OS; compact and light
  • No MicroSD card slot; disappointing camera zoom, Rating:
  • The Trophy is a strong offering from HTC that uses a good operating system as the basis for a well-designed handset. However, the lack of a MicroSD card slot to increase the 8GB built-in memory and the poor zoom on the camera let down what is otherwis...

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  Published: 2010-11-08, review by:

  • Beautiful operating system, Fast and highly responsive, Great Facebook integration, Good music playback with SRS Enhancement, Free on contract
  • OS is still missing some features, Battery life is a bit disappointing, Camera was a let down, especially video recording, Can't expand the 8GB storage, Awkward sleep/wake button
  • Windows Phone 7 needs some tweaks here and there, but we couldn't put the HTC 7 Trophy down. A brilliantly usable and stunningly fast phone with few peers in its price range...

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  Published: 2010-11-05, review by:

  • Abstract:  The HTC 7 Trophy is an odd sort of phone to review – compared to its Windows Phone 7 brothers and sisters it has practically no defining features, other than the same slick OS that responds stunningly under the finger, screen scrolling around to the...

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  Published: 2010-11-05, review by:

  • Sharp, colourful display; lightning-fast; decent camera; reassuringly weighty
  • Very similar to other Windows Phone 7 mobiles; not many apps in the app store yet
  • The HTC 7 Trophy is a perfectly good choice if you want to take advantage of Microsoft's nifty Windows Phone 7 operating system. It doesn't really stand out among the other handsets running the operating system, though....

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  Published: 2010-11-05, review by:

  • Slim softtouch bodywork, fantastic touchscreen, slick OS
  • Only 8GB memory, no DLNA
  • In the past we’ve complained that Windows Phone 7 devices are all a bit samey, thanks to the platform’s minimum spec requirements, but all it has really done is to zap the potential for any runts. Once more powerful processors are released, they’ll sta...

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  Published: 2010-11-04, review by:

  • We feel that interest in the HTC 7 Trophy will mainly hinge on whether or not you have an Xbox and play online regularly. If not then you might want to check out one of the other HTC Windows Phone 7 phones instead. That said the HTC 7 Trophy is a decen...

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  Published: 2010-11-01, review by:

  • the price, the superb touchscreen and slick new Windows Phone 7 OS,
  • nonexpandable storage, Windows Phone 7 is waiting for a few features to keep up with rivals
  • Affordable, powerful and good-looking, the HTC 7 Trophy makes some of its Windows Phone 7 rivals look positively overpriced...

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  Published: 2012-03-31, Author: Preetom , review by:

  • Good build quality, Excellent performance, Decent camera, High internal memory
  • Very expensive, Battery not so impressive
  • HTC Trophy Review reveals that thisis a Gamer's phone. In a nutshell, if you want a Windows Phone as an upgrade over your Blackberry or want to buy your first smartphone, HTC Trophy should be your pick. This phone is not highly available in every parts of...

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  Published: 2011-01-28, Author: Bonnie , review by:

  • Slim design; sharp display; good call quality; some nice extras, including HTC Hub.
  • Camera quality isn't the best; doesn't support US 3G bands.

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