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Reviews of Mbot 3D Cube have collected 6 expert reviews of the Mbot 3D Cube and the average rating is 67%. Scroll down and see all reviews for Mbot 3D Cube.
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The editors liked

  • The Mbot Cube is available with a double extruder
  • Which allows for dual color printing.

The editors didn't like

  • There is no warranty
  • And customer service is lacking.



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  Published: 2014-08-18, review by:

  • Abstract:  The MBot Cube is a medium-size budget 3D printer for ABS and PLA printing. With everything included, there is no stress when you print for the first time. A long warranty and plenty of support options also help put you at ease. With this printer, you can ...

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  Published: 2013-04-05, review by:

  • The Mbot Cube is available with a double extruder, which allows for dual color printing.
  • There is no warranty, and customer service is lacking.
  • If you aren't concerned about the missing warranty or the meager customer support options you will appreciate this machine....

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  Published: 2014-04-30, review by:

  • You can print physical objects! The first taste of the next generation of printing; Plastic consumables aren't badly priced;
  • Next to impossible to setup; Prints in one colour; Expensive; Noisy, like robot clowns mixing music; Requires frequent maintenance; Prints take a while;
  • While this is the first printer for consumers to showcase the future of printing, it's clear that Cube's printer isn't really ready for regular everyday mum and dad. In fact, the setup issues and steep learning curve required for 3D modelling means that a...

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  Published: 2012-10-05, Author: Rich , review by:

  • The 3D Systems Cube's intuitive touch screen, Wi-Fi print features, and smart, removable build platform provide some conveniences you won't find in other 3D printers
  • Underpowered software, overpriced printing material, and overly locked-down hardware hurt the Cube's appeal for general consumers and hobbyists alike
  • 3D Systems has some useful ideas in its Cube 3D printer, but it sacrifices too many features in the name of accessibility....

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  Published: 2015-07-07, Author: Darius , review by:

  • Innerhalb von 24 Stunden war der mBot auf Kickstarter finanziert. Für 49 US-Dollar (umgerechnet 45 Euro) gibt es einen mBot mit Bluetooth in Blau oder Pink. Apps werden für iOS und Android angeboten. Kinder und Einsteiger sollen sich mit dem mBot grafi...

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  Published: 2014-01-08, Author: Vinicius , review by:

  • A Cube 3D é uma impressora criada inteiramente para o usuário comum que quer apenas adquirir um equipamento desse tipo para sair imprimindo seus objetos sem precisar se preocupar com configurações complexas. Nesse aspecto, o cartucho de impressão é um bom...

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